Unf*cking Private Healthcare

The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice

The majority of today’s private healthcare systems are broken. They fail to meet the already subpar expectations of their patients and don’t thrive off great culture within their teams. It is disheartening to know most healthcare consumers in the United States expect to have long wait times, poor customer service, and ultimately receive low value when they go to a medical office. If this system existed in big businesses, those businesses would cease to exist. The only reason private healthcare systems continue to exist in this way is simply because people need healthcare. Why shouldn’t your practice be the anomaly? Why shouldn’t consumers be offered a great outcome and a great experience?

Fortunately for you (and the consumers) you can have it all, and this book is the guide to get you there. How? By making your private healthcare practice stand out. Teaching and developing skills like leadership, creating a power team, designing vision and mission statements that stand out, marketing that converts, and sales strategies that close. All these things start with taking a deep dive into the current status of your practice to identify the culture of your team and the systems you have in place. This will undoubtedly promote a reality check. At the end of the day, great leadership, clear messaging, and outstanding customer service creates raving fans. Raving fans translate into a PROFITABLE practice. Now that I have your attention, we will discuss what profitability truly means and touch on points surrounding finances you should use to ensure the longevity of your practice.

Most healthcare practice owners are one, or maybe more, skill away from truly being great business owners. This book will help you develop those skills so you can take the actions needed to stand out and be noticed. If you’re ready to challenge the status quo and develop something better for your patients and your team, this book will get you there. If not, stay where you are and continue to be grouped into the deep waters of being, “just another doctor’s office.”

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About the Author

When Daniel Tribby first started out as a healthcare provider and business owner, he had no idea about the differences between the two. He made every mistake possible in starting a practice because he hadn’t taken into account who he needed to become, or what he needed to learn in order to be a successful business owner. After struggling to get it right and wasting money paying people who he thought could get it right for him,

Daniel decided to turn his shortcomings into strengths. By learning what it means to be a business owner, including all the intricacies of running a business, he began to see changes in himself, how he interacted with his team, and how much this influenced the growth of his practice. Daniel’s mission is to share what he has learned with other healthcare practice owners so they can become better business owners through better leadership, sales training, customer service, marketing skills, and financial IQ. This ultimately creates an awesome experience for patients, and quality workplace for employees.

Daniel is a certified athletic trainer specializing in physical rehabilitation for athletes. He holds specialty certifications in concussion treatment, ergonomics, and neuromuscular control. He is the co-owner of a regenerative medicine practice and physical rehabilitation practice in Orlando, FL.

Unf*cking Private Healthcare

The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice

Chapter 1 “Setting the Stage”

Introductory chapter of why, how, and what is discussed in the book.

Chapter 2 “Branding – Its More Than a Logo”

What is your brand all about? What is the essence of your practice?

Chapter 3 “The Mountain Top vs The Climb – Mission/Vision Statements”

How to properly construct vision and mission statements.

Chapter 4 “Rallying Your Team Behind Your Leadership”

Becoming a better leader will make for a better workplace.

Chapter 5 “Sales and Customer Service – One and the Same”

Sales is not a bad term. It’s time to learn how to do it.

Chapter 6 “Intro to Marketing – Hard Marketing”

Hard marketing materials are not dead. It’s time to up your game.

Chapter 7 “Intro to Marketing – Digital Marketing”

Digital marketing and how to use social media properly.

Chapter 8 “Financials – The Dreaded Money Chapter”

Improving your financial IQ, will help keep your practice profitable.

Chapter 9 “Putting It All Together”

Taking all the skills that we discussed and making the plan happen.

Chapter 10 “Finding Motivation – Time to Take Action”

Don’t just sit on the information, do something with it.

Unf*cking Private Healthcare

The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice

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