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When Daniel Tribby first started out as a healthcare provider and business owner, he had no idea about the differences between the two. He made every mistake possible in starting a practice because he hadn’t taken into account who he needed to become, or what he needed to learn in order to be a successful business owner. After struggling to get it right and wasting money paying people who he thought could get it right for him,

Daniel decided to turn his shortcomings into strengths. By learning what it means to be a business owner, including all the intricacies of running a business, he began to see changes in himself, how he interacted with his team, and how much this influenced the growth of his practice. Daniel’s mission is to share what he has learned with other healthcare practice owners so they can become better business owners through better leadership, sales training, customer service, marketing skills, and financial IQ. This ultimately creates an awesome experience for patients, and quality workplace for employees.

Daniel is a certified athletic trainer specializing in physical rehabilitation for athletes. He holds specialty certifications in concussion treatment, ergonomics, and neuromuscular control. He is the co-owner of a regenerative medicine practice and physical rehabilitation practice in Orlando, FL.

Unf*cking Private Healthcare

The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice

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